Pell Grant Application

The Pell Grant is a grant from the federal government given to students who come from low-income families. A student is eligible for this grant when their parents' income is not enough to pay for their education. This program is designed to prevent students from deciding not to go to college because of their inability to pay for it. The maximum amount you can currently receive for a Pell Grant is $5,550 annually.

The Pell Grant Application is part of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application will ask you for your income information, your parents' income information, which college you are planning to attend, whether you require on-campus housing, whether you will be a full-time or part-time student, and how much money you and your parents have in all of your bank accounts. All of this information as well as other factors will be used to decide if you are eligible for a Pell Grant and how much money you will receive.
Once your application is completed, you will be asked to electronically sign your application with a federal PIN number. The information will then be sent to the college you have indicated and will be evaluated by that college's financial aid department. If you are accepted into that college, they will offer you a financial aid package. This package will show whether you have been accepted for a Pell Grant, and if so, how much you are going to receive.

If you are not accepted for a Pell Grant, you can reapply the following year when you fill out your FAFSA again. All information is reevaluated and if your financial situation has changed or more funds become available, you may be eligible for this grant. You may be required to fill out a verification form so the financial aid department can check your financial information for accuracy.
You can apply for Pell Grant at the federal student aid application site. This is also where you can correct information on your application, check the status of your application, and view your application at anytime. Your application is not complete until both you and your parents finish filing your taxes for that year.
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